Dimitra's Philosophy

Her beloved word? INTEGRATION

During her life she tries to apply the Natural Law: Everything is One. The Natural Law which tells us that evolution results from chaos. That evolution is possible only through Integration. The Natural Law which motivates us to unite with everything in order to EuDaiMy!

She believes in the power of Nature, in the humans’ will to get developed provided that they find the right background and push. She believes in co-operation and in solidarity. In horizontal structured teams. She believes in the Flow because only by living in the flow somebody can become and Overachiever at all levels of his/her life. Then he/she can find his/her Vantage Angle. Then he/she can to EuDaiMy!

Dimitra’s “Label”

Although she no longer believes in labels-we live in the era of Integration and General Management-she could give to herself various “titles” that describe both her soft and hard skills:

Agriculturist, Agronomist, Project Manager, Consultant of Innovation and Development, Adult Trainer, Technical Researcher, Technical Consultant, Idea Generator, Blogger, Idea Pitcher, Nature Driven Doer, Communicator … The two titles which integrate all the above mentioned are General Manager & Business Coach!

She doesn’t promise “miracles”! The truth is that she is here to help you find the “ingredients” which may lead you where your heart and your mind drive you. To support you to start your Idea(s) Journey. To help you find your Vantage Angle! The result depends entirely on you!!! 🙂


To integrate everything having as a goal to reach Eudaimonia!

To inspire, to help and to trigger people so as to live a life in connection with Nature and their nature so as to evolve themselves and to live a meaningful life.


Dimitra, acting as General Manager & Business Coach, consults, trains and manages brands so as to find their VANTAGE ANGLE, their ideal action viewpoint.

To discover their strengths, to reconnect with Nature and via INTEGRATION to develop an effective BUSINESS & PERSONAL MODUS OPERANDI!

  • Her studies: Bachelors Degree in the Science of Agriculture, Master in Business Administration (Executive MBA). She is certified as Project Management Professional-PMP by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as well as Trainer-Train the Trainers Certification. She educates herself continuously in the fields of ICT-WEB2-WEB3 tools, Social Media, Blogs, Websites’ Development and she obtained a certification in Gamification. She speaks English, French, German and Arabic.
  • Her 17 years professional experience: Organization & Strategic Development of enterprises and start-ups, Project Management, Applied Agricultural Research, New Product /Service Development, Organization and Administration of Multimedia Lab. Planning, Development, and Implementation of Training Courses in the fields of business administration, project management, sales, conflict management, complaints management, Idea Pitching (Effective Presentations), communication, team building, new innovative/alternative crops, branding, exports, Gamification. She has taken part in national and international congresses, workshops, events as speaker and as a part of the organizing committee.
  • Her passion: lifelong learning, advanced technology, hearty communication, travelling all over the world, driving.

Her WHY and HOW are expressed through the products and services she produces and provides based on the Idea Management Framework which she has developed and which is referred to the Idea Development, Idea Enhancement, Idea Implementation and Idea Pitching (details of her products/services can be found in the relative web pages of this site: n the relevant pages of the website: Idea Management Framework & Services)..

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