The word “EuDaiMy” comes from the word “Eudaimonia”. This word is explained as “joy” or “happiness by many people.” G.. Bampiniotis defines it as:

The condition of the man who feels favored by fortune, happiness and bliss … The material prosperity, the happiness that comes from the abundance of goods.

What are Anchestors said?


A pleasant mental state resulting from the activity of the soul, where such activity is consistent with perfect virtue.


Plato argued that Eudaimonia can only be achieved through the knowledge of the world of ideas.


The Cynics believed that Eudaimonia can only be achieved by living a simple and natural life.


Epicureans define it as a state of mental tranquility which is achieved through the lack of pain.


Eudaimonia is also explained as the state of well being at all levels of our existence.

Besides the EU means “Good” in Greek language!

In biology EU is used to give the sense of authenticity, of something true!


Dimitra's Eudaimonia

So based on what I feel when I hear or read the word Eudaimonia and under the influence of cognitive knowledge that I have gained I describe Eudaimonia as that situation in which a person lives in a state of energy balance. The situation in which a person acts every moment for every moment and is the creator. The situation in which a person is not dominate or being dominated. The situation in which there is the creative space of mental silence and that space is filled with action derived from the heart.

According to me Eudaimonia is the complete quantum equilibrium in timeless time!


And if that is not the main question of every human being, then what else could it be? If the question of every person is to achieve equanimity, to succeed in finding his/her center despite of what is happening around him/her and simultaneously to act creatively, then what else could it be?

And how can we achieve this? First, we shouldn’t play the role of the “teacher”, but we have to be good “students.” Students of Nature, students of the cosmic-natural environment. Secondly we have to find and join our dots and make our own integration! Hence the My-in Eudai-MY!


Once we found our “Vantage Angle” then we have gained the broad perspective which is also the precise one. Then we are at our “Center”!

Then we have acquired the broad perspective that is also specific. It’s everything! And then comes the acceptance of our Being. This is Eudaimonia! We manage eventually to become leaders of ourselves! Finally we manage to understand, sympathize, and to stand in solidarity with others with integrity and deep knowledge of Nature and our nature. And there is the solution for changing our society!