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Your Idea’s Journey

Everything starts from an Idea. Everything in life is an Idea. The journey of an Idea since its inception until its implementation, its “translation” into a product / service and its spread all over the world is long and difficult with many variations.

This ebook-guidebook will help you to:
  • discover your strengths and weaknesses

  • find your dots

  • focus on how to evolve

  • test if you and your idea are mature enough for immediate action

  • think of various ways of action so as to implement your ideas

  • reach your Vantage Angle

  • learn what is needed in order to manage your ideas effectively!!!

This guidebook is based on the Idea Management Framework which has come up by Integrating my scientific and experiential knowledge. From experiences in various professional and non-professional action fields. It is the result of connecting by Dots with Nature’s Dots.

Nature exists everywhere, in every part of this framework and has a special place in every stage/phase of it. I strongly believe that Nature is the ultimate supportive tool so as those who take the decision to make theirIdea’s Journey to be in a state of well-being, to be creative, to be inspired and to exploit Nature’s dynamics in order to produce a result which can change people’s lives and “green” their hearts...To EuDaiMy!

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